Marketing That Will Get You in the Door

Marketing That Will Get You in the Door
If you’re looking for a creative yet affordable way to promote your business locally, marketing with door hangers may be just what you’re looking for!

Marketing with door hangers is a direct and efficient way to pinpoint your audience and get results for only pennies per person. Not only do door hangers stand apart without competition, but they must be physically removed from the doorknob, making them more likely to be read and make a lasting impression.

Door hangers can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, such as announcing a new local business or promoting an upcoming event. In addition, door hangers can be designed as unique newsletters, can promote specials with tear-away coupons, or they can even be designed as a payment envelope for service industries, or a donation envelope for fundraisers or other local charities.

Door hangers are also a great way to create name recognition. Even if customers are not interested in what you are selling today, they will still be exposed to your contact information and may keep you in mind for another time. Consider attaching a magnet to encourage recipients to keep the door hanger longer.

If you’d like help creating the perfect door hanger promotion to help get your foot in the door, give us a call today. And remember, others printers may be nearby, nobody comes close.

4 Ways to Stop your team from Falling Apart

4 Ways to Stop Your Team from Falling Apart

There are times in every supervisor’s work life that you can feel everything going off the rails — projects don’t sync up as they should, laughter feels forced within your team, and the energy levels are low.

While it may feel like everything is falling apart at the seams, and you’re not sure what you can do, don’t give up! There are ways to bring teamwork back to your team, but it will take some work to rebuild trust between team members and realign your focus to the future.

Even the most high-performing teams have moments of doubt that can be introduced by stress or fear. These negative emotions could overtake a team or its leader, but the first step is re-imagining the future and then casting that vision to your team.

Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

While it may be too late if your team has already entered a downward spiral, preventing negativity from happening is always the best alternative to a team that’s coming apart at the seams. Getting to know your team, understanding their motivations and stressors, and working hard when you need to will help you become a trusted member of your team — and not just the leader.

Spending time together bonding in good times will help sustain your relationship during times of difficulty, both with each individual team member and the team as a whole. This trust doesn’t come overnight but is worth the time spent building it in the long run.

Slowing the Negativity

Perhaps your team has just begun showing signs of stress, such as team members being unwilling to contribute in meetings, leaving early, or losing energy early in the day. If you look up in the afternoon and everyone is wandering around looking aimless instead of focused on work or building relationships, it’s past time to get more involved in your team’s dynamics.

Start by talking to someone on your team, either the person who is seemingly the most stressed or one with whom you have the most trust built up. See if you can determine what the root cause of the uncertainty is, and look for potential options for resolution together.

Returning from the Brink

If your team is truly on the brink of collapse, with your best and brightest team members disengaged and actively looking for other opportunities, it’s time to take more drastic measures. Consider asking your human resources department if they’re hearing any rumors about what’s happening, or pull the team together as a whole in an offsite meeting to add to their comfort level.

Request that they be open and honest with you about challenges that they’re encountering — either within the team, outside the team or even outside the organization.

Take Charge of Results

You also must face the possibility that you as the leader are the problem, which can be painful and difficult to accept. However, you must first look to make changes in your own leadership style in order to help salvage your team’s success.

Take responsibility for finding a solution, and don’t be afraid to claim accountability when things aren’t going as you had planned. Too often, leaders find themselves in a situation that feels hopeless and attempt to look externally to find the problem.

If there is truly someone on your team who is causing the excessive negativity, know when it’s time to make the difficult decision and make a change in personnel. Sometimes, all it takes is removing a negative influence or underperformer to bring your team back to center.

Today’s organizations are moving quickly and chasing many different initiatives at once. Managing people is always a balancing act: creating a culture of learning and accountability while allowing people the space they need to take appropriate chances. Fortunately, nearly every team can be brought back from a downward spiral with time, effort, and loads of positive energy from its leader.

Releasing an annual calendar is a great way to garner brand recognition, and an even better way to market your services or products. But corporate calendar design isn’t always so simple – unless you follow our tips on creating corporate calendars!

Get more Leads

Post-Show Followup Techniques You Will Want to “Borrow”

Trade shows are one of the most exhausting, yet exhilarating, ways to spend your marketing dollars. You not only get to meet with your customers face-to-face, but you can also see what your competitors are up to, get great ideas for the future, and generally feed off the energy on the show floor. However, if you’re not using the time after you return to the office effectively, you may be wasting much of the goodwill that you created at the show. Here are some great tips and techniques from marketers that will help you knock your post-show communication out of the park.

Capture Contacts Logically


Before you even start to pull together samples and brochures for your event, you need to determine the best way to capture contacts for later follow-up. This could be anything from a name badge scanner provided by the event coordinators to the low-tech solution of a giveaway fishbowl where contacts drop in their business cards. Simply gathering the information isn’t enough, you need a solid plan in place of how you’re going to get these new names and their requests into an actionable marketing database.

Create a Specific CTA


Your call to action is just that: a way to encourage your audience to take a specific action that leads to your desired result. Starting with the end in mind allows you to craft a campaign where each step builds towards the logical conclusion — your customer placing an order or asking for a demo. The first step may be a quick email, while the next step could include mailing a sample with a custom printed letter. A final step of a phone call or postcard a few weeks after the show proves to your audience that you’re committed to meeting (and exceeding!) their expectations.

Sort and Assign Leads


If you’re using an automated solution for capturing leads, you may wish to begin immediately by sending an email as soon as you return from the show. If this isn’t possible due to volume, go through your lists and segment your leads into hot, warm, and cold. If you’re able to immediately assign the hot leads to a team member to call and can convert them to customers, great! Most people spend a day or two regrouping after a show, so timing is everything. Call too soon, and you’re likely to get a voicemail recording which is generally a dead end. Call too long after the show, and people have forgotten all about you. This is one of the reasons that a branded, high-quality print piece is a fantastic followup. If you start your print project quickly, your materials can be there soon after your prospects are back in the office.

Nurture Your Prospects


Create a formal and ongoing communication strategy that allows you to continue the conversation with your various audiences. Some people may be very interested in your products or services, but perhaps they don’t have the budget to start a project immediately. Others may be lukewarm in their interest levels, but you can see how you’re adding value to their organization. What’s important is that you tailor your messaging to your audience to convert as many as possible into customers.

Now that you know the basics of trade show and event follow-up, you’re ready to hit the road. You will see the true benefits of growing your audience and communicating effectively with all the new customers and sales coming your way!

Interested in Custom Banner Printing? You May Enjoy These Products as Well!


Banners have a number of uses and the fact that they’re so easy to work with and so versatile makes them a great option for everything from birthday party backdrops to announcements for grand openings. They’re eye catching, they’re durable, and they’re inexpensive.

You’ve probably heard of using banners for tradeshows, business events, or announcements, but did you know that we can do more than that? Sure, our banner prices are some of the most competitive in the industry and we offer a number of customization options from adding grommets or pole pockets to sealed edges. If a banner is what you need, it’s hard to beat.

That doesn’t, however, mean that there aren’t other options. Luckily for you, in today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the other options you may want to consider before placing your order. And, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our goal is always to ensure that our customers get exactly what they’re looking for, so feel free to use us as a reference before placing your order.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a few things we offer aside from custom banner printing here at Rapid Printing!

Online Poster Printing

Some events require a product that’s easier to transport and a poster perfectly fits the bill in that scenario. Posters also have the added benefit of being more cost-effective, ensuring that if you need multiple items, you can get everything you need for a price that won’t break the bank. While banners work perfectly outdoors and hold up when they’re out in the elements, posters are the perfect choice for your indoor event.

Yard Signs

Whether you’re announcing a house for sale or endorsing a political candidate, having the right yard sign is a great way to get your message across. Available in a number of sizes and the ability to print on both sides, a yard sign might be the perfect way to convey your message. (And don’t forget the lawn stakes if you need them!)

dreamstime_xxl_3429293Car Door Magnets

There’s no better to advertise your message on the go than with our car magnets. Made of durable material and printed with a high quality image, they’re an affordable and professional way to deck out your vehicle, ensuring that potential customers can see it no matter where you go. It’s a cost effective way to advertise on your car, truck, or van, and our magnets are available in multiple sizes, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

A-Frame Signs

Outdoor A-Frame Signs are a classic way to advertise in front of your business by providing customers with an eye catching sign to draw them in. They’re easily transportable and allow business owners to create a custom message that can be changed on a regular basis. Whether you prefer the standard 18” x 24” size or something truly visible like the 32” x 48” A-Frame, we have a number of options that will work perfectly for your business.

Aluminum Signs

Perhaps you need something a little more permanent. If that’s the case, our aluminum signs are the ideal way to advertise for your business. With full colour single sided printing and incredible durability, we believe that our aluminum signs are one of the best values on the market today. They hold up well outdoors and they’re laminated for even further protection.

Place Your Order Today!

Whether you’re interested in our custom banner printing or one of our other incredible products, you can count on our reputation and our 35 years of industry experience. When it comes to digital printing done quickly, no one does it like Rapid Printing.


No matter what you’re considering, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a text. We’re always here to make sure you get the right product that suits your needs perfectly. With so many options, making a decision can be difficult, but you can rely on our experience to help you choose the perfect option no matter what your needs are.

Need a quote for a custom project? We can help with that as well. Simply fill out our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Looking for Printing Services Online? We Make It Easy!


Here at Rapid Printing, we’re proud to offer all of our printing services online. That means that no matter what you need printed, we can do it quickly and get it on its way to you in no time. Whether you need custom sized paper posters, foam board images, canvas prints, or anything else, we’ll work hard to get it to you. We understand that our customers are often working on a timeline which is why we work with your timeline, but we also produce products that are of the absolute highest quality.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the things we’re able to offer, so if you’re in need of printing services, our online store is your one stop shop! Keep reading to see a few of the best selling products from Rapid Printing!

dreamstime_xxl_37125685Order Business Cards Online

With plenty of color options, we’re able to provide online business card printing at a price anyone can afford. As a matter of fact, we’ve recently dropped the price so our customers can get even more great business cards at even lower prices. Whether you prefer full color business cards with a unique color scheme or single sided business cards that make a statement with their minimalism, our team can help!

Order Invitations Online

Wedding invitations are the kind of thing that have to be just right. That’s why we provide customers with a number of different options that allows them to tweak things perfectly to their liking. It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of invitations for a dinner party, wedding, housewarming party, or birthday, we have plenty of options to ensure that our customers get exactly what they’re looking for!

Order Indoor Signage

Are you in need of a poster to hang on the wall of your child’s bedroom? How about a canvas print to go over the sofa in your living room? Maybe you need a foam board sign to give a presentation at work? With a vast selection of indoor signage options, we make getting your own custom prints easier than it’s ever been before. No matter how you’ll use your indoor signage, you can rest assured that it will be printed using high quality inks on industrial printers to ensure that you get the most for your money.


Place Your Order Today!

By offering our printing services online, we’re able to provide customers with quality prints that they can count on. With over 35 years of experience in our industry, you can count on us to get the job done right. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time (hence our name–Rapid Printing) and we’ll work hard to make sure that you get your order as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s ordering business cards online or needing indoor signage for your next big event, you can count on our team to handle the job the right way. When you need the best that digital printing has to offer, look no further!

Fonts and Ink Usage

Most of us probably choose a font for legibilty, mood, or beauty. Recent research by, a Dutch company, brings to light new info for choosing fonts. Their study shows that your choice of fonts will impact your ink or toner costs for the year. The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay was used for the study, and their estimated savings is between five and 10 thousand dollars a year when they choose certain fonts.

The crux of ink usage is obviously in the design of the letters. Narrow or light versions of a font will use less ink than their bold or black counterparts. Serif fonts tend to use less ink, as the lines are thinner. Centruy Gothic, for example, uses on average 30% less ink than Arial. The top five fonts according to for low ink usage are Century Gothic, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdani, and Arial. Of course, it makes sense to check your print quality and use draft quality, InkSaver, and APFill whenever possible.

Another interesting endeavour in the font world is Ecofont. Essentially, they offer a “holey” version of fonts. EcoFont Vera Sans, based on an open-source font, is free to use and can be downloaded from the web. Ecofont software will soon be available. With it, one can apply the holey concept to the font of their choice.

One final piece of interesting research comes from Matt Robinson. In “Measuring Type”, he has artistically shown how a number of typefaces rate in terms of ink usage. It is worth the Google search to see his interesting pictorial done with ballpoint pens. He recommends the Garamond typeface for reducing printing costs.

Business cards vs. smartphones

At this point, data exchange through mobile devices is still a challenge.If memory serves me right, about 10 years ago, Palm Pilot was the first to offer an “easy way” to beam business card data from one phone to another. problem was it only worked from Palm Pilot to Palm Pilot and never took off.

Yes, we have access to ample apps these days, but until everybody has a phone that can do the infamous bump (bump and the data is transferred magically) business cards are the most convenient “cross platform” medium.

by Sabine Lenz

Little Billboard with a BIG Impact

Postcards are affordable to print and mail. They’re also a great way to ensure your message gets read. Here are a few creative postcard ideas that can make a big impact for you and your marketing:

• Create a regular “product spotlight” postcard campaign that highlights various products or services you offer.
• Extend the life of your postcard mailing by making part of the card a tear-away coupon, reply card, information request form, or business card.
• Create folded postcards that give you twice or triple the promotional space of flat cards.
• Create a die-cut postcard that sparks interest with a unique shape.
• Save on postage and envelope costs by designing your newsletter, brochure, or catalog as an oversized postcard.
• Express your gratitude to customers or vendors by sending a postcard with a handwritten thank-you note.
• Create a “we’ve missed you” postcard campaign to help reactivate old customers and boost sales.
• Create excitement and increase attendance by sending “save the date” postcards to announce upcoming sales or
special events.
• Send reminder postcards as a courtesy for upcoming appointments.
• Design postcards with a teaser of an article or white paper posted on your website, and redirect readers to your site to read “the rest of the story.” Give our staff a call to create the right postcards for your company!

All In Good Form

11 Form

Carbonless forms are a staple of nearly every business environment. Here are a few tips to get the most bang from your buck on your next order of forms:
• While most carbonless forms are printed with black ink, consider two color printing as an easy way to increase readability and efficiency.
• If creating invoices or other sequential documents, utilize convenient numbering to easily organize and distinguish forms.
• Consider a paper color sequence that is specific for your business. For example, if your accounting department wants all invoices in yellow, you can customize the color sequence to meet your needs.
• Leave at least half an inch of white space along the glued edge of your carbonless form design to avoid a possible wrinkled appearance when the forms are assembled.
• Consider three-hole drilling your carbonless forms as a convenience for customers or office staff who want to archive them in three-ring binders.
• Shrink-wrap your finished forms.  They’ll look nicer and last longer.
Did you know that poor-quality reproduction is often caused by old paper containing dried-out micro ink capsules?
While some of our competitors may purchase “old” paper to lower their costs, we promise to purchase only “fresh” carbonless paper!
You can feel confident ordering your carbonless forms from our printing firm.

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